How to Use Instagram

27 May

My Instagram Experience

A week ago I downloaded Instagram after hearing about it’s aquisition by Facebook. So, I was doing it as a very late adopter. Fast forward a week later and I have 400 images in my instagram feed. I think this amount of experience warrants a how-to article on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile app that allows anyone to create captivating images using a simple phone camera. The app uses a few simple methods to ensure that a majority of the images created for the app are appealing.

The beautiful square

Instagram only creates images as a perfect square. The square has often been a simple of perfection, beauty, and precision. The fact that Instagram uses only a single aperature size should surprise no one.

Limited effects pallete

You cannot make your image look that different from what it looked like originally. Limiting the toolset is a great way to limit the variety of images you can produce, thus making sure no really ugly images are created.



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