Take a Break in Falenica

5 Jul

I am sitting in a old-fashioned leather office chair with plastic armrests at a perfectly square table which is plumb-up against the window sill, above which can be seen a set of train tracks through barred windows. I am not in a mental hospital, instead I am inside the former train depot building in Falenica (Warsaw), Poland. This old building was recently renovated and converted into a coffee shop/performance hall/library. Sitting inside with my laptop I can imagine the crowds of people of yesteryear queing in line to buy a ticket into the capital of Warsaw.

Today what used to be seperate city, is now the South-eastern outpost in Poland’s capital city. The trains here run all day long and start as early as 4:43 in the morning. Many people commute from Otwock to Warsaw to avoid the high rents in the city. One can only imagine that soon enough even Otwock will get obsorbed by the capital, and some far off village will become the next bedroom community. Poland is not growing as quickly as other cities in Europe, at least not in terms of square miles. In an article I recently read about the state of Poland’s roads, the writer mentioned that because the roads are so poor Warsaw has had the luck of developing in a way that is anti-sprawl. Although I must admit that some of the newer districts of the city are certainly prone to US-like sprawl.

This cafe is a comfortable place to go trainspotting (without all of the heroine and trouble), drink a nice espresso, and forget about your job, for just a few minutes. Their menu features some quick bites, delicious beverages, and of course my favorite the Red Cappucino. It’s made with Rooibos tea, and tastes sweet. Next time you’re on your way to Otwock, get off the train at Falenica and check out the cafe, located in the giant post-modernist construction, currently being remodeled. When you come here, take the place in, and enjoy yourself. Even if you miss your train their will always be one more waiting for you in a few minutes time.

-Staff Reporter


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