A Sure-Fire Way to Get an English Teaching Job in Poland

1 Jul

You get off of the plane at the Chopin international airport. Leaving the terminal you smell the cool air of a Warsaw autumn. You get on the bus at the terminal and travel across the city to your hostel. You explore the city for a bit and finally go back to your hostel for the night. The next morning you wake up to find you have only $100 to your name. You need to start earning money, or you’ll be forced to leave Poland in no time at all. You go to the desk clerk and tell him you are looking for a job, “anything to pay the bills”‘. He notices your UK/USA/Irish/Austrailian accent and suggests you try getting a job teaching English at the myriad English schools.

You go on the internet and visit this web site. You create a profile and you wait. A few days pass and someone gives you a call. “I would like to practice my English,” a voice says on the other end. You jump at the chance and tell her you’ll gladly oblige. When asked what you’ll charge per hour you say, oh just 30 PLN. When you say this the caller immediately says, “Great, when can we meet?” You set up a meeting at a local cafe.

It’s the morning of the lesson. You dress business casual and wait for the time to arrive. You show up at the lesson 15 minutes early and wait. At 9am your student shows up. She begins speaking to you in English. After the hour runs out, she asks to schedule another hour. She has only had one lesson and already, she wants more lessons.

After teaching her for about 10 lessons, she will most likely try to recommend you to her friends. Once you get a recommendation, you are golden. You will now be able to use the network effect to your advantage and grow your business. In as little as 30 days, you’ll have a burgeoning language teaching service, having invested only some time and no money.

After 6 months of doing this you will work towards becoming established in your city. Now is the time to consider getting a $150 TEFL certification from a site like this or a World-class CELTA certification here. These certificates are a great way to build trust with potential students, and ensure that your skills are up to par. A teacher with a Bachelor’s degree and a certification, who is confident, and smart, has no need to worry about earning a living.



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